10 Popular Tools Being Used On iPads In The Classroom

My students love using their iPads in the classroom! iPads in the classroom provide student with the opportunity not to be restricted to the traditional way of learning.
As a teacher, it is a wonderful feeling to see students being engaged and interacting in their learning. Since our school’s 1:1 iPad initiative in all Math and Science classrooms, I have become passionate about finding technology tools that will motivate and inspire my students to learn. Great use of iPads technology tools directly impacts the learning environment of the classroom.
The following is a list of free apps and websites that I have found that really motivates and inspires my students to be actively engaged in their learning.
(1) Today’s Meet ~ A backchannel website that helps you connect with students in real time. Can be used as a communication tool for collaboration, exit slips, assessing prior knowledge or understandng of lessons.
(2) Corkboard.me ~ A website that allow students to collaborate in real time with the use of sticky notes on a board.
(3) Study Blue ~ This app and website provide students with the opportunity to create online flashcards to use as review. Students can review with the flashcards or take a practice test.
(4) Fotobabble ~ Fotobabble can be used as an app or website to allow students to use photos and a voice recording to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. This works great in math. Students can work on a problem, take a screen shot of the work, and record the steps they took to solve it.
(5) Sonic Pics and (6) Doodle Buddy ~ This duo is a perfect pair. Students can create and annotate pictures in Doodle Buddy then use those pictures in their Sonic Pics presentation. Students can also add a voice recorder to explain each picture.
(7) Poll Everywhere ~ This is a great digital tool that allow teachers to create multiple choice or open-ended assessments or surveys. Students can use these assessments or surveys on their iPads, mobile phones, or the computer.
(8) Evernote ~ Evernote is a wonderful free app and website for students to be creative and stay organized. Evernote provides students with the opportunity to create a digital file of their notes, projects, assignments, and more.
(9) Socrative ~ This fun assessment tool is a smart study response system that allows teachers to assess students in a creative way. A generated report is provided with student responses.
(10) Fakebook ~ A wonderful education form of Facebook. A great site with many possibilities, collaboration, discussion boards, projects, assignments, parent communication, and more. I have had much success with these digital tools with my students.
I strongly believe the integration of technology in the classroom results in highly engaging and personalized learning. Students show more pride in their learning when they can actively participate in it. The iPad is a great digital tool with many possibilities for motivate and inspire student learning!

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