iPad Apps for Education


iPad Apps for Education

     iPads are more than just a cool tech tool, and the ways they can be used to support and enhance student learning are endless! Below you will find a list of iPad apps, organized by subject, that can help your child.  Click on the name of the app to learn more about each one!  The apps listed here are free.  
Sight Words by Photo Touchfree app to pracitce and learn sight words by sight, sound, and touch
Read on Sightfree sentence practice app, “the child hears the sentence, watches the words scatter, and then puts the words back into place.” 
Sentence Magicfree app that helps with basic sentence building and reading
Futabafour player word and picture matching game that allows students to build and develop vocabulary
Reading Monster Town1fiction and nonfiction passages with interactive word and sentence games, all based on the elementary curriculum 
MeeGenius!a library of over 200 children’s books with interaction that supports reading development (ex; word highlighting). Some titles are free, and some are not. 
Not the Hole Storyincomplete stories that students have to use reading comprehension skills and creativity to finish
 Timed Reading Practice: practice reading fluency by reading short, timed passages 

Word Work



– Tic Tac Toe Phonicsfree interactive tic tac toe game that practices vowel sounds, letter sounds, word parts, etc. 
ABC Phonics Rhyming Words Litefun rhyming game for children to learn and practice phonics by finding pairs of matching words
abc Pocket Phonicspractice hearing, saying, and writing letter sounds and basic sight words 
Build A Word Expresspractice spelling and word building by using letters, letter sounds, or letter names
Letter Bug: fast-paced game that allows students to practice letters and spelling
Beginning Sounds Sorting Gameinteractive game in which kids can match words and pictures with the same beginning sounds, including letters, blends, etc
Bluster! by McGraw Hillword matching game that helps with vocabulary development; work on synonyms, rhyming words, prefixes and suffixes, adjectives, root words, and homophones 
Vowel Litevowel game that uses phonics to help children learn new words as they listen to sounds and build words 


– Sparkle Fish: voice recording sotry completion app… guides students through the story completion process in a new and different way, helpful for those who have trouble getting stories on paper
– Simple Mind+: free mind mapping app… use this to create thinking maps and webs to plan writing and organize thoughts and ideas 
– Total Recall: create color coordinated thinking maps to plan writing and organize ideas 
– Alphabet Tracing: free app that allows students to trace and write print letters… “Fun train, truck, and worm animations come to life for children to follow, while showing the proper way to write alphabet letters and numbers. 
– ABC Cursive: app that allows students to trace letters to practice cursive handwriting  


– Virtual Manipulatives: practice fractions, decimals, and percents with this free fraction bar app
– Motion Math Zoom: zoomable, stretchable number line for practice with basic number concepts 
– UnderSea Math: math game that allows students to move through levels by practicing basic facts 
– Skills Tutor Math Fact Fluency: app that includes both instruction and practice to help students in developing fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Personalized avatars and more than 360 real-world and arcade-style activities make the learning interesting (both English and Spanish options).  
– Math Kingdom: free interactive game in which students “journey” through a kingdom by completing math problems, often word problems, that cover all operations 
– Ace Multiply Matrix HD: three multiplication practice options: review and practice, grid multiplication game, and a game blitz to develop speed and fluency 
– Times TableLite (by Magnicode): review the times tables (free version takes you through the fours) by listening, viewing, writing with your finger and checking, or by doing timed practice
– Multiply Wiz: practice multiplication tables, earn trophies, and compare times to others around the world. Enables students to set goals, practice, and improve.  
– Factor Samurai: takes multiplication practice to the next level with instruction, practice, and games that focus not only on multiplying but also on the concepts of factors and prime numbers.




– Science Lab: fun and interactive app that reinforces science concepts and vocabulary for intermediate grades 
– Disaster Alert: interactive world map with listings of natural and weather disasters occurring around the globe… current, real-time incidents that are “potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets” by the Pacific Disaster Center 
– NASA: variety of information compiled by NASA including solar system images and facts, sightings of satellites and others, image of the day, videos, orbit trackers, astronomy picture of the day, and more
– Planets: free guide to the sky, includes both 2-D and 3-D views of the sun, stars, and planets in their current locations; interactive view of the globe and your position on it; a visibility monitor of the planets; map of the constellations, and more
– Science360: National Science Foundations’s free app that includes science and engineering images and video from around the world, along with current science news 
– WeatherBug: access real-time local weather from over 10,000 stations in the United States and around the world; view interactive weather maps and photos of weather across the country; get updates about severe weather 
– Animals 100 Lite: photos and information about over 20 animals (free version) including habitats and sounds; also includes quizzes and puzzles 
– Match Animals: free, interactive app that includes more than 70 animals to teach students… includes animal sounds and pictures as well as spelling and matching games 

Social Studies & Global 

– MyCongress: detailed information about Congress, links to local representatives and government
– Stats of the Union: explore an United States map to learn the detailed story of health in this country, from national down to local 
– Atlas for iPad Free: political world map and regional maps of each continent 
– 7 Billion: National Geographic Magazine’s app that has videos, photos, and articles to go along with the concept of how our world will change as there are going to be 7 billion people living in it 
– Kids World Maps: app that has six different types of maps focusing on what elementary school children need to know about landforms and world geography
– TapQuiz Maps: improve geography skills through a fun and engaging world map quiz game
– World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle: choose a continent and then put together jigsaw puzzles of country flags  

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