10 Best Science Learning Apps For iPad

Apple iPad is a magical window which can also serve as a great educational tool. The iTunes store bags numerous science apps for iPad with which you can make learning science much easier than ever before.
Furthermore, the science apps designed for iPad also allows you to explore the galaxy, look inside the human body, test the theories and even dissect an animal.
To narrow down your search, we are sharing with you the best iPad science apps that are intellectually rewarding, appealing and entertaining that you won’t even surmise you are learning something while using them.
1. Atoms In Motion
Atoms In Motion
Atoms In Motion for iPad is an entirely interactive science app that uses convoluted Molecular Dynamics (MD) algorithms to execute computational chemistry calculations to reveal the motions of atoms as they attract, repel, and collide with one another.
This user-friendly educational app also allows you to learn the fundamental nature of matter behind the best gas laws, as well as conduct your own experiments by varying the volume and number of atoms in the model or the temperature.
Price: $2.99.
2. Pocket Heart 2
Pocket Heart 2
The Pocket Heart 2 is an award-winning and easy to use medical education app that helps medical, nursing as well as other heart care enthusiasts clinically learn pertinent anatomy of the human heart.
Moreover, the app bags elegant and intuitive 3D heart to allow you visualise, hear and understand the functionality of human heart in all aspects.
The other standout features of the app include intuitive navigation, engaging multimedia content, multiple quiz types for self-paced learning and over 20,000 words of comprehensive learning content.
Price: $9.99.
3. Frog Dissection
Frog Dissection
Featuring a virtual chloroformed specimen and all the essential dissection equipments as well as detailed voice over instructions, the Frog Dissection app allows you to dissect a frog’s specimen as if doing in a real-time.
Upon completing the frog’s dissection, the organs of the frog are exhibited in eye-catching 3D images for further study.
Price: $3.99.
4. Kids Can Match
Kids Can Match
Designed by the assistance of experienced educators, the Kids Can Match app for iPad helps children of all ages engage in a fun memory game while making them learn about a wide variety of animals.
The app comes with 70 unique and high-quality animal images and sounds to allow children match animals with their respective sounds or vice versa.
Price: Free!
5. Solar Walk – 3D Solar System Model
Solar Walk – 3D Solar System Model
The Solar Walk is a powerful and easy to use educational app that comes with 3D Solar System to allow you find your way through galaxy and time, view all the planets closely and find out their real-time trajectories, internal structure and much more.
Price: $2.99.
6. Universer Unit Converter Pro HD
Universer Unit Converter Pro HD
Use this incredible educational app to make easy conversions amid more than 1185 various units of measure in over 54 categories.
Price: $0.99.
7. Cell and Cell Structure
Cell and Cell Structure
The Cell and Cell Structure is an outstanding middle-school biology app that abets you learn about cells, cell parts, life cycle, structure and their precise functions.
Furthermore, its 2D and 3D imagery, dazzling graphics and in-depth content will capture every student’s attention and turn even the most boring lessons on cells into fun.
Price: $2.99.
8. Science Glossary
Science Glossary
The Science Glossary app for iPad offers the comprehensive list of all scientific terms available along with small biographies that shore-up a science education website ‘visionlearning.com’.
Price: Free!
9. Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table of the Elements
This tremendous app is designed to offer you information on 118 different elements including chemical symbol, atomic number, Atomic mass, family name, classification, period, electron shell configuration and physical state under standard atmospheric pressure.
Price: Free!
10. Science360 for iPad
Science360 for iPad
Designed by the National Science Foundation, the Science360 for iPad offers you boundless engaging science and engineering images and videos from all over the world and a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded organisations.
Price: Free!

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